What is a free spree?

We host free shopping sprees so young ladies in need can experience the thrill of boutique shopping, but without the pressure of price tags. Women all over the city volunteer 2 hours of their time and visit the shelters and homes with about 8 other volunteers and act as personal stylists. While clothes are the catalyst, the focus is on giving the ladies confidence, love and mentorship before they head back into the “real world.”

As a free fab’rik volunteer, you’ll spend an evening talking with, styling, and encouraging courageous survivors of sex trafficking and addiction. You will act as a personal stylist and help remind the women that they are beautiful inside and out. Each woman will pick an outfit to take home free of charge because we believe all girls should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of boutique shopping without the pressure of price tags!

How It Works

  • MEETING THE WOMEN: We start by meeting and talking with the women. We share stories, play games, and just spend time getting to know one another.
  • PERSONAL STYLING: Next, we bring out the clothing and let the fun begin! We act as personal stylists for the women and help them pick out five items to keep.
  • RUNWAY SHOW: After the shopping is complete, they dress up in their favorite outfit and walk the runway for us!
  • THE DEVOTION: Finally, we share in a devotional time, pray and many times share the stories that have brought us to the crossroad we are in at that time of life. We start at strangers but leave with bonded hearts. There are many hugs as we say goodbye and sometimes tears.

Its amazing how in just two hours, two hearts can bond so quickly over shopping together.


We have worked with dozens of shelters, several school systems, and countless nonprofits to reach girls in the greatest need.