Our Concept

What do we do with the clothing that we don’t wear anymore but still love?What if we could meet the people we donated our clothing to? Those were the two questions that ignited the entire free fab’rik concept.

First, we sent out an email to ask our fab’rik customers to donate clothing to help girls in need and received over 400 bags of amazing clothing within days. WOW. Then we asked if anyone wanted to come meet these young ladies and shop with them and we had a waiting list of volunteers. WOW. Then we learned how many young girls don’t have much more than the clothing on their back and more importantly have forgotten how valuable beautiful they are. WOW

So God brought all of those elements together and created free fab’rik to remind all of those girls that their community cares about them and we want to walk and shop along side them. We believe clothing truly can change lives. We’ve seen it!

We partner with non-profits around our city and bring our free shopping sprees to the women. Weekly we take racks filled with beautiful clothing to the girls in the greatest need at safe houses, shelters, foster homes, and more. The racks are beautifully displayed for a high-end shopping experience without the price tags.